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Northern California, CA

19 Sep, 2018 -Sarah F

After years of dealing with the laundry machines in my apartment building (a washer that doesn't clean and a dryer that doesn't dry but burns my clothes) I found the machines at The Laundromat to be large enough to wash/dry large loads and actually get the job done. The dryers are massive and I was able to dry a set of bed sheets with a full load of clothes in one dryer. There is not one but two change machines if you run out of quarters. Also, The laundromat is conveniently located next to the Pub so it is easy to get a beer while waiting for clothes to wash and dry.


Berkeley, CA

29 Sep, 2018 -Bryce N.

The owners are an older couple that always breezes in and out with a smile, greeting, and giving laundry tips (whether you want them or not). It's clean, they've added personal touches. The machines are clean and all of them seem to work. The place is open early and late, folding service is available during more limited hours


Oakland, CA

26 Oct, 2018 -Nita B

Super clean, small mat! Very nice working machines. I used the extra large deluxe machine, took a huge load at once and cleaned very well! It can get a bit stuffy in there sometimes but it's a nice area to wait around.